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The BT Basketball Mentorship Program

Are you in high school or college and have an entrepreneurial/coaching spirit?

(Will consider 7th and 8th graders if the proposal is mind blowing)

Do you want to learn the principles to run a successful business (athletics or otherwise) or be a successful coach? 

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the BT Basketball Mentorship Program

The program is free, but there is a cost. 

5 spots only

Why would you want to qualify?

  • Gain valuable experience by gaining full access to the ins and outs of BT Basketball

  • The ability to ask unlimited questions and learn from my successes and mistakes

  • Attend BT Basketball events to see how they are run properly and efficiently

  • Learn the secret intangibles of business owner life (people skills, getting out of your comfort zone and much more)

  • Learn strategic social media posting

  • Weekly face to face meetings/Zoom chats with me and other program members

What it will take if you are accepted

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it won’t cost you anything…

  • Required reading of select books

  • Written/video opinions of BT Basketball events and interactions

  • Thoughts and insights into current business strategies

How to qualify

  • Write a detailed proposal on why you should be accepted into this program

  • Record an accompanying video that shows your creative and passionate spirit that solidifies your written proposal

Email your proposal to

You will then receive my phone number in order to text the video. 

Applicant deadline is Tuesday October 20th

Good luck!