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Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Episode 1 of the BT Basketball Podcast. If you haven’t yet heard it, go take a listen. It’s a quick intro to what we will be covering in our journey together as well as some background on not only myself, but BT Basketball as well.

I cannot put into words how excited I am for our next episode that I am sharing with you today! Recently we were fortunate enough to share a visit with none other than basketball legend Kenny Anderson. For those of you that don’t know Kenny, here are some background stats.

-2,621 points at Archbishop Malloy

–4 time Parade All American in high school (feat only accomplished by Lew Alcindor (later named Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

-Part of the famed “Lethal Weapon 3” team at Georgia Tech with Dennis Scott and Brian Oliver that made it to the Final Four

-College All American

-Averaged 26 points per game his sophomore year

-#2 pick in the NBA draft to the New Jersey Nets

-NBA All Star

-14 year NBA career

-Widely considered the best player to ever come out of New York City

Quite a list! And this was abbreviated!

Kenny came up from his home in Florida to run a series of clinics with us with players from 1st grade all the way through college. He took a number of pictures and signed tons of autographs. I cannot tell you how happy everyone was that attended not only the clinics, but the meet and greet as well. He not only put they kids through a workout but also did a QnA at each session that was very interactive and thorough. Kenny was not only great with all the kids but the parents as well. In truth, I think the parents may have enjoyed it even more with the stories that Kenny told!

Kenny was also kind enough to stick around after and record this podcast with me. What I enjoyed about Kenny most were a number of things…

-He was very humble and down to earth

-His passion for the game is still very evident

-He was extremely interactive not just with myself and staff, but with everyone that walked through the doors

-His answers are deep, thoughtful and engaging

We also talk about the new documentary that is in the works called “Mr. Chibbs”. This is a very exciting project that, with the help of Barry Greenstein and Jill Campbell, is going to be a very powerful watch. The doc, as Kenny speaks about, is not just about basketball (consider the tag line, “Basketball is easy, life is hard”), but life’s journey from his perspective. And as you will hear, it has been quite a road for this once legitimate child prodigy.

They currently have a kickstarter in place until September the 10th where you can donate (as little as $5 helps) to make sure that this project sees the light of day. Check out for all info.

I hope you all enjoy this discussion as much as I did having it. Please share this with anyone, of any age, that is not only interested in basketball, but good stories! We are now up on iTunes as well so if you would be so kind, please subscribe (free of charge). This ensures that every episode that comes out gets delivered right to you. You can do that here…











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