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Studying isn’t just for school

Did you hear the news? That's right, high schoolers, they moved up tryout dates one week this year. What does that mean? You have less time to prepare yourself. Fortunately, we are working hard here at BT Basketball to provide you with every opportunity to be ready to go come Day 1 of tryouts. Check [...]

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Are you willing to start over?

Bad habits sure are a pain in the you know what. On the court or off, they can seem insurmountable and unbreakable. What's the best way to break a bad habit? Never form one. However, since we are all human and inevitably create them in our lives and our games, we have to ask ourselves one [...]

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Open your mouth!

It is the ultimate young people paradox. How many times, at each age level and both genders, do I have to tell players to quiet down while the coaches are talking. Fairly often (until the suicide runs start). How many times, at each level and both genders, do I have to tell players to speak MORE [...]

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