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Teachers Convention Clinic

Are you ready for the season to start? Many of you have already had tryouts for different leagues, but that's just the beginning. Practice is just around the corner and games soon after that. Do you want to get a leg up on your competition? Everyone who plays on a team will be practicing a [...]

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What did YOU do today?

What did you do today to get better? Here's what the Sparta boys program did. If you didn't get after it today, you got outworked. If you didn't sweat today, you got worse. If you didn't improve today, you already lost. Get better TODAY! bt

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Bad weather?

Hey guys, Season quickly approaching. What are you doing today to ensure that you make the team? That you start this year? That you are the best player on your team? That you are the best player in your league? My question to you today is this. What do you do on the days where [...]

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