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“Take No Prisoners” Fall Sessions

As promised, the BT Basketball Take No Prisoners Fall Sessions has arrived. If you are a boy OR girl in 6th-8th grade, and want to vastly improve your game before the upcoming season gets here, this is for you. We will take 6 weeks and transform your game to new heights. Check out the short [...]

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BT Basketball on the rise!

People!!! I am so pumped, so much great stuff going on at BT Basketball!!!!! Thanks for being along for the ride, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. If you're not, it's because you're not engaged in the world of BT Basketball! Stop being just an observer and start being an [...]

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Zach, Radz and BT Series Part 3

Hey guys, Here is the 3rd installment of the Zach, Radz and BT Series. If you haven't yet seen the first two videos, just simply scroll down below this one, check them out, and then come on back. You won't want to miss the other ones. In this section of the workout we created a [...]

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Can’t Sleep, Must be the Matrix

Ever have those nights where you just can't sleep? Every so often I will have a night just like that. I may be completely wiped out, but nothing helps me drift off until deep into the night. It doesn't happen often. But it happens. I am having one of those nights. My brain works in [...]

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