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Matt and Zack Part 3

What's up guys, Below is part 3 of the Matt Tobin and Zack Frick workout. If you haven't watched Part 1 and 2, just go to the 2 posts below this one, watch those videos, then come back and check this out. In this drill, I got creative and had the guys work on three [...]

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Matt Tobin and Zach Frick Part 2

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed the first video in the Matt and Zach series. If you didn't see it yet, check out the post below this one and get up to speed before you watch this one. Ok here's part 2. In this section of the workout, I've got the guys using a rip [...]

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Matt Tobin and Zach Frick Workout Part 1

Hey guys, I must apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been out training many ballers as well as updating the site. STOP! Before you check out the video below, do two things first. Click on the above "Testimonials" tab and check out all the new video and written testimonials from players that are [...]

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