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Early season success!

Hey guys,A few exciting early season success stories for some BT Basketball butt kickers...A quick congrats to Chris McIlvaine for hitting the lead taking 3 and game sealing free throws yesterday against Mendham. Sparta upset not only upset them but Delbarton the previous day as well. Keep it up guys!!!!Kevin Ufferfilge is a sophomore up [...]

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A message to parents

Hey guys,I've been able to get to a few games over the last few weeks of kids who are a part of BT Basketball. I am happy to say that everyone is performing well and that is attributed to your hard work in the off-season. Keep it up!Unfortunately, I've been noticing an unsettling trend. It's certainly [...]

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Christmas laughs!

Merry Christmas!!!!I've seen this commercial a few times and it is hysterical to me. And being the Christmas season, I thought I would share it with you as a little something different than basketball. If you think the ad is stupid, you're right! Doesn't mean it's not funny. And if you're upset that I'm showing [...]

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What happened next…??

Ok let's have some fun. Check out this picture below. It's from my senior year in high school. Against our mortal cross town rivals, Pope John. bt gettin ready to drop the hammer??So what happened next... Did I...A) Pull up for a quick jumper off the glassB) Kick the ball off my footC) Kick the [...]

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What’s happened to fierce basketball?

To say my schedule is crazy would be an understatement. Between coaching at St. Benedicts in Newark, to training kids of all ages from all over, to squeezing in a normal job, my free time is limited. So I carved out some time the other night in order to watch something that I been waiting [...]

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