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HP girls

I was fortunate enough to be asked to hold a few clincs over the next month or so with some of the girls from High Point. Today was the first day I worked with them (although I know a few of them from coaching last year) and it went great. The girls worked their butts [...]

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I've been working with Ryan for about a month now and I had another session with him today. I had to share this with you all because I'm so excited about it. Ryan is a pretty reserved, laid back, and good kid. His skills have been steadily improving each week that we have been working, [...]

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Open House success!!!

So yesterday I had the Open House over at DreamField and it went incredibly well. About 30 kids turned out and we had an absolute blast. We ran through a bunch of drills and had a few competitions as well (a special congrats to Julia who won knockout!!!!). I just wanted to give a special [...]

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St. Benedicts Coaching Clinic!!!

 Kevin EastmanYesterday I was very fortunate and excited to attend the annual coaching clinic over at St Benedicts. I was thrilled to be able to learn from some true legends in the business. Any time you can get around people and learn from people with a vast amount of experince, it is such an incredible [...]

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Working with kids

I just got finished a tremendous workout with a couple of young brothers, ages 11 and 9. I've worked them out a handful of times now and thoroughly enjoy each one. I find that the key to working with younger kids is how easily you can combine skill development with fun. At a young age, [...]

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Form Shooting

Ok yes I'm an idiot for shooting this video sideways, I'm still getting used to all this!!! So if you don't mind tilting your head, you will see Frankie doing a drill that I built my entire shooting around. Very simple, step by step, for shooting. There is no other drill that will hammer home [...]

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