Ultimate Workout Roadmap

//Ultimate Workout Roadmap

In the 4th episode of the BT Basketball Podcast we give you a roadmap for your workouts to maximize your results for the upcoming basketball season. Take out all the confusion and guess work and finally be focused on exactly what needs to get done. In this solo episode I am pumped to take you back to my high school basketball workouts and explain why we structure them the way that we do. The goal is to prepare you as much as possible for the winter hoops season and the first thing that you have to understand is that the ball is literally in your court! We can provide the formula, but YOU have to do the work!

We go through not only what basketball drills that you should be doing, but also in what basic order and why! Write all of this down as you listen, then get to work. Can’t be any simpler. Not easy, because the work is hard. But simple once you understand what needs to get done.

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