Solitude – Podcast

//Solitude – Podcast


We are back again! Thanks for checking us out here at the BT Basketball Podcast. Excited to continue to help you to put your own personal puzzle pieces together on and off the basketball court. It is so vitally important for you to understand the concept of solitude, what it should mean to you, and why you should make it your best bud. We break it down by discussing…

-The importance of personal responsibility

-Internal vs. external motivation

-Why you NEED to have a burning desire to succeed and not just a want

-Why it’s ok if people think you are not the norm

-A special MJ quote from years ago to sum it all up


Thanks for once again sitting down with me. Each time we speak it is my hope that you get what you need to fill in the gaps that you may currently have. The process of improvement is very layered. Stay patient and stay diligent. Creating a monster takes time…



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