Present Tense – Podcast

//Present Tense – Podcast

Episode 6 of the BT Basketball Podcast is here! In this solo conversation it’s time to lay down on the psychologist couch! Together we will delve into the most destructive element of any basketball players game at any age! It’s not missed shots, turnovers or anything physical at all. It’s way deeper and much more disastrous for any young basketball player.

It’s the inability to play in the moment. To play in the present tense. To move on from mistakes.

We diagnose this problem and go on to give you a four part doctor’s prescription so you can fix it. If you can unlock these mental and emotional keys, your efficiency as a basketball player will go through the roof. I warn you though, tackling anything between the ears is way more difficult than dealing with your physical body alone. And that is PRECISELY why the upside is so great!

In order to reach your full potential as a basketball player, whether you are here in New Jersey, somewhere else across this glorious country, or even at another end of the globe, it is an absolute must that you learn how to improve your mental game. One incredible way to bridge the talent gap is to simply be better, be smarter, be more self aware. Understand how to get from committing a mistake to getting back into (or even staying in) the present moment and you will be stunned how your joy for the game increases as well.

So grab a seat, lay your head back. It’s you and me for a bit. Time to dissect.


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