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Personalized/tailored workouts

I have been writing personalized workouts for kids that really want to work hard and take advantage of this time. And it is going incredibly well! There are a million videos and drills out there (including many that I put out there), and that’s great and should be taken advantage of. But there is something more powerful about having a workout written just for you and by someone who knows your game. We have a whole bunch of kids who have been in this program for a few weeks now and are seeing great results. It also provides them with an outlet to let off steam and a feeling of real accomplishment and self confidence that they are willing to put in the work to improve. If you are interested in this, you can shoot me an email and I’ll give you the rest of the details.


Here are a few parent testimonials from the first few weeks.


“Our daughter has been playing for Coach Brian for four years. We have watched her grow tremendously as a player under his guidance. To have a coach that is able to inspire his team and encourage each player to be the best they can be is no easy feat. Motivating each player to be the best basketball player they can be as well as demonstrate good character on the court – it would be fitting to say that Coach Brian leads by example. Emily could not wait for this season to start; to say she was disappointed the season was postponed is an understatement. When Coach mentioned he was willing to put together workout sessions for players, Emily approached us with the idea as she would be interested. A virtual meeting was set up with Coach and then he sent her first workout to her. She has shown the same dedication to her home workouts as she does at her practices. We have no doubt that having Emily participate in this program has continued to develop her skills, keep her motivated and she will be more than ready when she gets to step back onto a court. Michael Jordan said, “Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation”. Thank you, Coach Brian, for your commitment to your players.”

 Lou and Stacey Poulas


“In these trying times when young athletes have been denied the customary opportunities to practice and compete with their teams, Coach Brian’s individualized training plans have been indispensable for continuous player development, yes, but also a comforting daily routine that is as good for my daughter’s mind as it is her body during our shared COVID-19 crisis. BT Basketball will work with your son or daughter to develop personal goals and then customize a plan to build upon one’s strengths and improve upon one’s weaknesses. My daughter has been in highly capable, supportive and caring hands as she continues to work to develop her game under Brian’s tutelage. At the end of the day, an important lesson has been impressed upon her: while there’s no thrill quite like team competition, the real daily battle is to compete against the person in the mirror and to become a little bit better each day. And that’s a lesson that transcends basketball.”

Steve and Tricia Schels