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Online Group Training – June info below!

Check out the piece that WNBC TV in New York did on our online workouts!


“This would’ve been my daughter’s first year playing for BT Basketball and she was so excited. She has always had a true love for basketball and was eager to take her game to the next level. Needless to say she was devastated when the season was canceled. She wasn’t so sure about starting the Zoom practices because she loves being on the court with her peers and knew it wouldn’t be the same. However, it has been a game changer (in more ways than one) during this time! The practices have gotten her out there and doing drills she wouldn’t be doing on her own. We can see the intensity and determination in her playing and already see an improvement. We are grateful that Brian came up with this solution and still finds a way to connect with these kids and get them on the court. He is really great with the kids and so energetic and enthusiastic. He has even added an additional Q&A session which really adds to the connection with the kids and allows them to get to know each other on another level. It’s times like these that you see people’s true strengths and abilities and we are so happy that Delaney is able to still benefit from BT Basketball and what Brian has to offer. “

Erica Lamphear

“First I’d like to say that BT Basketball and Brian Thomas is doing a great job adapting to our new norm. With that being said my son Ryder has been truly enjoying his online Zoom classes with Brian. We have been involved in his program for years with my boys and he has always given his heart and soul to his kids. It wasn’t always about wins and losses which in this day and age may tend to get overlooked but more about growth. I’ve seen my sons grow over the years playing for many different coaches including myself. What Brian has done in my observation is take pride and stock in everyone of his players…. I know this to be true because he is one of the very few who I always see attending high school games in the area to watch former or current players and be the first to cheer for them and encourage them to reach their full potential! I can’t explain the positive production and enthusiasm for basketball he has instilled in my son Ryder! Thanks for adapting to our circumstances today and provide a positive way to stay in the game for these kids who want to continue to improve!! You are beyond a great coach…. you are a great mentor for these kids!! Stay safe Coach”

Julius Accardi, Treasurer WVYBL | Travel Basketball Coordinator
“Brian’s virtual group coaching has been a God send for us! With so much time at home, it was difficult figuring out a way for our 10 year old to stay active and motivated. Yes, he was shooting hoops, but there wasn’t really a way for him to hone in on his basketball skills and get a good workout in at the same time. Brian’s virtual coaching is perfect in that it inspires our son to push himself while also giving him a bit of virtual social interaction with other kids! Brian has such knowledge for the sport, and he is able to communicate that in a brilliant and positive way. My son sets the computer up outside and is able to navigate through the workout all on his own. When he comes inside, he is sweaty, red- faced and excited to have made it through! We are already seeing a difference in his skill set. We can’t thank Brian enough for offering this form of coaching during a time when so many of our kids need to stay active. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this program, and I highly recommend Brian as a coach!”
-Jodi Willenborg
“It is very fun, and when Coach Brian makes comments, it makes me more motivated.” 
-Jake Willenborg

“We have two kids currently participating in both the Spring Group and Individual BT Basketball at-home programs.  They are both in high school and they do the Group workouts together twice a week.  It has been great watching how hard they are working together in the driveway.  On one occasion the workout was in the garage (due to the weather) but the intensity level was just as intense.  They are going full speed and getting a great workout.  They do the individual workouts on their own at a convenient time for them on days they do not have the group workout.  The individual workouts give the kids something to follow and focus on daily rather than going out on occasion and casually throwing up some non-game speed shots.  We can see the both their skill level and conditioning improving from the workouts.  Both kids have told us that the workouts are fun and that they look forward to doing them.  Thank you, Brian for your energy and enthusiasm!”

-The Wascheks

We are new to the BT Basketball program. This is our first season working with Brian. Both of our girls, Jolen (7th grade) and Quinn (4th grade), have seen vast improvements in their games since we have started with the online program. We cannot even begin to wonder what their improvements will be when they can actually have an in person practice. Brian’s love of the game shines through every aspect of this program. Through his weekly emails, Zoom programs, and Facebook posts, we can see/hear his complete dedication to these kids and the sport. He is fun and energetic. Even though we are not able to practice in person, Jolen and Quinn have really upped their skills through the drills provided. From the drills provided, their hand speed and hand eye coordination have been so greatly enhanced. We are so thankful for the online practices. It is another way to keep our kids active during this time. They actually look forward to “going” to practice. Thank you, Brian, for being so dedicated to the kids and improving them. 

Steve and Kerry Stoner


For the week of June 15th we are working out Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. New players welcome!

Our April and May workouts for 1st graders through college players went incredibly well. Each and everyone one of these players made the decision to not allow our current circumstances to get the best of them. Instead, they chose to take focused action and improve not just their games, but their spirits. I could not be more proud of them. We had less than ideal weather in April, but it didn’t stop these players from working out in the cold temps, the snow showers, the driveways, basements and even kitchens. The overcoming resilient spirit is truly inspiring. 

Which is exactly why we are bringing this back for the month of June. This is not about basketball skills alone. It’s about being a part of something. A sense of normalcy. Having access to a community, to a team. It’s being pushed by a coach as well as the other “teammates” that are doing the same exact drills and working on the same exact skills. It’s about clapping when someone else wins the player of the day award. It’s giving a fist bump when the workout is wrapped up, to the camera, but directed at every other player for a job well done. It’s joining the QnA’s not just to learn and chat, but to laugh. It’s being part of a team.

It’s being together. 

Whether on the court – or online – we have never been, and will never be, a roll the balls out type of program. Conversely, we are a teaching, demonstrating, encouraging, interacting, and engaging program. No matter what the size of the group, we aim to have every player feel welcomed, included and challenged. We are excited for our June program.

  • 30 minute (typically run closer to 40) workouts. Basket is not required. All you need is a basketball and a willingness to work

    • These workouts can be done outside in your driveway, in your garage, in your basement, in your kitchen (don’t break anything), anywhere you can find a hard surface. If you have access to a basket, great. We will use it. If you do not, not a problem at all. We have PLENTY of drills for kids that do not currently have access to a hoop.
    • Not only we will be directing the drills, but we run it like a normal practice. Focused and directed encouragement for each player. Demonstration so each player can practice the right way and maximize improvement. Have a question? Come on back to the camera and I will walk you through it until you are comfortable with it. 
    • These workouts go quickly, but very effectively. Just like our on court practices and workouts, we waste very little time and energy in our online workouts. These are laser focus, concentrated and highly efficient chunks of time. With the proper work ethic and attitude, your skill set, quickness and conditioning will soar beyond your current expectations. 

I am blown away by the commitment that these young players have brought to the table. Yes, it’s different, odd, strange. I’ve been set up in my garage coaching to a computer screen. Crazy times. BUT. Despite these trying, difficult and confusing months, despite looking at their phone or computer for the next drill, despite unpleasant weather conditions – these kids have come ready to work with ZERO excuses. It has been so encouraging, for me personally, to witness the overcoming spirit that these young kids have shown. It not only gives me hope, but I can see that they are giving hope to each other. Come see for yourself…

To register for our June program, simply email us at


and tell us the grade of your player. We will then forward you the remaining information that you need to get into our weekly workouts and QnA. 

***You can register for the remaining sessions at a discounted rate no matter when in the month it is***

During the best of times or worst of times, Brian always has our kid’s best interests in mind whether on the court or off. He has dedicated his time to teaching our kids the game of basketball but most importantly, he’s keeping them active and engaged during this difficult time. He is also helping the kids stay connected with other teammates which lifts their spirits and gives them hope for the future. The one thing my daughter has to look forward to during this tragic time is her time with Brian and her teammates. Thank you for all that you are doing for our kids Brian!

-Alissa Albert

The Zoom basketball training and drills which Brian Thomas offered in April were fantastic!! Both my daughter, Isabella (4th grade) and my son MJ (3rd grade) participated and have greatly improved their basketball skills and conditioning in that short amount of time. They both bring their laptops outside, set them up on chairs, and navigate through the drills. Being that they’re year-round athletes, it’s exactly what they required to keep them motivated and active during this pandemic. I like that Brian encourages them to be their best and try their hardest. He’s very enthusiastic, full of energy and caring. And he instills the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality which my kids are accustomed to! Thank you Brian…my family looks forward to participating in your program for years to come!! 

-The Van Winkle Family 

BT Zoom lessons have been an amazing opportunity for Caroline to continue to work on her basketball skills and keep her focused while we stay at home. It has been wonderful for her to interact with children who have similar interests. Even though they may be at all different skill levels, they are all learning at their own pace. These lessons allow her to get together in a group setting safely at home to practice. It has been so helpful for her mental and physical being. Thank you so much to Brian for looking out for his players! Thank you!
-Jackie Snellings

Brian is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable coach who knows everyone by name.  I have seen improvement in my daughter’s skill level and stamina in a short amount of time. I have no doubt about the effectiveness of these virtual sessions.

Nicole Poveromo

What a great, positive experience!  My son began virtual training this spring and we didn’t know what to expect.  It’s been motivating and a great way to connect with teammates and friends.  The drills are challenging & Brian’s encouragement has been awesome.  My son strives to get player of the day!  Thankful for the opportunity to play and keep his skills sharp.

Gail Fiore