And here we go!!!!

//And here we go!!!!


Hope your summer is going incredibly well and filled with joy, laughter and IMPROVEMENT! We have been diligently working here to provide you with an additional resource on your path to greatness…

We are PUMPED to bring you the very first BT Basketball Podcast! This initial episode is brief intro into what this will be about, what kind of guests we will have and how you can participate. We also cover some of my background as well as the background and mission of BT Basketball as a whole.

We’ve got a ton of exciting things planned for you to help you to enhance not just your game, but your overall life as well. One thing I learned long ago is that basketball is a metaphor for life, if you choose it to be. The game will teach you lessons. Lessons that you can use in real life situations outside the game. It is your choice whether to maximize your on court experience to the very fullest. We are here to help you.

If you would be so kind, please spread the word about what we are doing. Listen, enjoy and improve!


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