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Thanksgiving weekend clinics for ALL ages!

Very exciting announcement for Thanksgiving weekend coming up! But first, if you have yet to see the most recent post, be sure to go directly below this announcement and check it out first, then come back! It is important to look inside yourself and find out if you are maximizing yourself as a player. Go [...]

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Are you maximizing?

Hey guys, I've got a very important message for you today and a timely one at that. Ok here we go... When I was in high school and college, I only concerned myself with one question. It wasn't stats, it wasn't headlines, it wasn't how high I could jump or how fast I could move. The only question [...]

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Post Sandy Update

As a new week begins, I hope your spirits begin to brighten after this difficult seven days. BT Basketball has a few updates that we want to make sure you are aware of.   --This past Saturday, BT Basketball opened up the Sparta PAL Center to host a free clinic/open gym. In an effort to [...]

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