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NBA Finals could be classic

Hey guys, Reading a lot about the Finals that is just around the corner. Got me thinking.... It's amazing how many storylines are coming together in this unpredictable matchup. -Can the Heat win the championship this soon after coming together last summer? -Can the eldery Mavericks get a ring in what could be a closing [...]

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Hey guys, Just a quick thought for tonight, with more to come. When you're working on your game (you are working on your game, aren't you?), what are you working on? Are you working on just a few things? You should be working on more. I see so many players today that can only do [...]

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Are you a competitor?

Hey guys, I'm around kids of all ages playing the game of basketball. From very young kids, to high schoolers and college, and beyond. There's one thing that has bothered me lately that I have to share with you. This doesn't pertain to the young kids. It most certainly pertains to the high school age [...]

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