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Welcome to August! I know, crazy right? We have had a spectacular summer here at BT Basketball and plan to continue that this month. Check out all the things we have going on below, and to view all the pictures from our various summer events, please visit (and Like!!) the BT Basketball page.

Are you ready for the…

FREE High School Event of the Summer!

This will not be your ordinary skills clinic. We have designed this to cover areas of the game that are not usually taught in detail. They will include, but not be limited to…

  • Mental toughness in every aspect of the game including-Bouncing back from bad plays and bad games -Dealing with difficult teammates (and not becoming one) -Positive attitude in the face of adversity-How to easily build your confidence
  • The importance of discipline on the court and off including-Making the simple and correct play-Defensive accountability-Working on your game, the right way
  • Personal responsibility and decision making-Admitting and accepting your mistakes-Not blaming others -Building up your teammates
  • All players will be put through a sample workout that they can use for the remainder of the summer

    Special guest Rob Agnoli (owner of NJ Muscle) will be coming by to speak on the importance of building the proper strength for hoops


We will have classroom as well as court work so bring your sneakers as well as a notebook!

This event is for anyone entering high school, already in high school, or in college, and yes, it’s


To register click



August Clinics

Shooting Clinic 8/16

Shooting the ball is elemental to the game of basketball. There is always room for learning and improvement. In this clinic we will cover…

  • Catch and shoot
  • shooting off the dribble
  • how to quicken your release
  • proper footwork on all shots
  • how to pull up so quickly that your shot is unblockable
  • the one reason why most players don’t have proper arc
  • much more

Group 1: 5th-8th grade boys and girls 9:30-10:45

Group 2: High School boys and girls 10:45-12:00

Scoring Clinic 8/23

Shooting and scoring are two vastly different skill sets. Our second clinic will build upon the first and expand with…

  • How to get to the foul line at will
  • How to use your body to shield your defender
  • How to properly attack a defender based on his positioning
  • How to finish around the rim
  • How and when to properly use shot fakes
  • And, the one shot that will separate you from every player out there today

Group 1: 5th-8th grade boys and girls 9:00-10:15

Group 2: High School boys and girls 10:15-11:30


If you attend both clinics the cost is only $40 total

To attend an individual clinic is $25 per

To register click



Individual and Small Group Training
Individual and small group training will be available in August on a limited, week to week basis. If you are interested, contact us directly at


Fall AAU Tryouts

We are incredibly excited for another AAU season that is fast approaching. Please mark your calendar for tryouts on Sunday September 7th. Exact times will be announced in the coming weeks but we will have tryouts for girls 5th-HS and
 boys 3rd-HS. Registration is required but we do NOT charge a tryout fee. To register please click

Crazy campers!!

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March Madness Contest, Spring Little Ballers, Summer Camp, Summer League and more!

Welcome to Spring everyone (at least I think…)!! We here at BT Basketball
hope you had an incredibly successful 2013-14 campaign. Hopefully, you are still playing, which means it has been quite a year! No matter where you stand, we are happy to present to you many different events and opportunities for the upcoming Spring and Summer for your hoopster of any age. Check out everything below!


March Madness Tournament Challenge


Welcome to one of the best times of the year,  March Madness! It will soon be time to get
your brackets together and take a run at the title. For the second year in a row, we are pumped
to offer the BT Basketball March Madness Tournament Challenge. Once the
brackets are announced, we will be sending out another email on how to get registered
(easy) and give you a chance to win (hard). Last year, Wallkill Valley graduate and current
 SCCC player Kodie Hilbert was the winner (I was THIS close). This year, the winner will
receive an  exclusive BT Basketball tshirt AND if you are a player, you will receive
a FREE BT Basketball workout! If your basketball training days are behind you, you
are encouraged to gift it to a young player!
You will win the top of the line dri fit material shirt. Currently only 15 of these have
been made!
 Little Ballers Round 4 Spring Session!
Coming in April we present to you the next edition of the
Little Ballers series. For those that have attended these sessions in the past, get ready
for some new drills, games, and fun! For those that are new to this program, come see
what all the buzz is about surrounding these innovative skill sessions. For 1st-4th
grade boys and girls, it is the best way to teach your little baller the basics of the game
while fostering an enjoyment for the game that will last a lifetime! Details coming soon.
Summer Camp
Summer will be here in a flash so be sure to save these dates!
Boys Summer Camp July 14th-17th
Girls Summer Camp July 28th-31st
We once again will have the absolute best camp counselors in all of North Jersey.
They will include, but not be limited to…
-Matt Tobin-Hopatcong graduate, all time leading North Jersey scorer (2,350)
and current East Stroudsburg star (#2 in the nation)
-Zach Frick-Sparta graduate, two time player of the year, 1,000 point scorer.
Three time Freshman of the Week at William Paterson and Runner Up Freshman
of the Year
-Nate Sammans-Newton graduate and 1,000 point scorer. Current rising star
at Moravian
-Bryan Langan-Jefferson senior point guard led his team to a wildly successful
25-2 season
Many more to be announced over the coming months!
We will be offering an early bird discount this year as well so be on the lookout!
2nd Annual Youth Summer League
Info coming soon on the 2nd annual Youth Summer League. Divisions from 5th
grade up to 8th grade (and possibly 9th) starting in mid June. Last year, we held
a very competitive league with great games and we are looking to vastly expand
this summer. Why travel far when you can enter your team in a local league with
great competition!

Check out last year’s winners from High Point.


T-Shirt Contest

The first ever BT Basketball T-shirt contest will be coming your way soon.

Here’s how it will work. Our new shirts will soon be available for purchase, as a

lot of requests are coming it. Many of you have already received one. We will

announce a timeframe for you to purchase and in turn submit a picture with

your shirt. Entries can be funny, creative, inspirational, or all of the above. The

winner will be voted by

YOU and will receive a FREE week of Summer Camp! So get your ideas ready,
there is a lot on the line!
 So much happening this Spring and Summer with BT Basketball and
we thank you for being a part of it!
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Presidents’ Day Shooting Clinic and 17 songs you need on your playlist but don’t have!

I’ve got some stuff for you today that FIRES ME UP. But first! Check out the newly released info for the Presidents’ Day Shooting Clinic

 Take advantage of this special day off from school and learn the basics of how to properly shoot the basketball! We will be teaching and drilling proven techniques to help you improve your shooting form and therefore your shooting percentage. Once you learn the right way to shoot, it’s a skill that never leaves! Coaches are ALWAYS looking for shooters!

Monday February 17th
-10a-11:30 LITTLE BALLERS 1st-4th grade boys and girls
-11:30a-1:00p 5th-8th grade boys and girls
Sparta PAL 38 Station Road-Cost only $30

***If you have attended the Winter Little Ballers or Middle School In Season sessions you receive a $10 discount***

Click here to REGISTER

Ok, let’s get to it!!!

Those of you that follow BT Basketball or have attended any workouts whether they be individual, group, team, clinics or camps know one thing… I LOVE music. Walk into the gym while training is happening and rest assured you will walk into a gym with high energy music pumping through it’s walls. Catch me at home while working on the website (like now), music blasting. Catch me in the middle of a workout, music blasting (sorry neighbors). Catch me vacuuming, music blasting (I promise you, ANYTHING can be turned into an air guitar, ANYTHING! Brooms, vacuums, granola bars, spatulas, other people’s arms, pens, shovels, foam rollers, tv remotes, toothbrushes, cell phones, water bottles). Catch me in the car, music BLASTING!

Music provides the fuel and energy to not only enjoy life more robustly, but it gives you the energy to get motivated when you are not and it gives you that final push to finish your workout in killer fashion!

Althought I appreciate, respect and enjoy all kinds of music outside of country (let the hate mail begin) my preferred seriously destroy every workout and get AFTER it music is good ol’ fashion rock and roll. Not the scream your head off and break your neck type music (although I’ve been known to have a sore neck the morning after a good rock concert), but the guitar driven, lyrically uplifting, vocally ridiculous holy smokes get out of my way type music.

I often get asked by players and parents alike what music is playing during our workouts. So I decided to put together a list of the 17 top songs that you need to have on your workout playlist and DON’T. Just about all of these songs were released within the last 18 months so not digging too deep into to library, just the great recent stuff. These are all high paced, energy giving jams that must be used carefully :-) Whether getting after it while building your body to become stronger or improving that handle and jumpshot, let this list roll, loudly, and see what happens. Here we go!

1. Alter Bridge – Addicted to Pain (off the album Fortress)
Alter Bridge is simply my favorite band of all time, seen them 6 times in concert. The combiniation of lyrics, vocals and guitars are simply unmatched. In an effort to save space here, I didn’t list their entire catalog (especially the latest album, Fortress) but rest assured, you should get all of it.

2. Red – Perfect Life (Release the Panic)
Saw them in concert recently and met the fellas…

3. Tremonti – Waste Your Time (All I Was)
Alter Bridge guitarist goes solo and KILLS it. Seen him twice in concert on his own. Incredible!

4. Britney Spears – Just kidding
4. P.O.D. – Lost in Forever (Murdered Love)

5. Linkin Park – Lost in the Echo (Living Things)

6. Scott Stapp – Who I Am (Proof of Life)
This is not your daddy’s Stapp…

7. Red – Death of Me – Guillotine Remix (Release the Panic)

8. Thousand Foot Krutch – Let the Sparks Fly (The End is Where We Begin)

9. Linkin Park – Lies Greed Misery (Living Things)

10. Scott Stapp – Slow Suicide (Proof of Life)

11. P.O.D – Higher (Murdered Love)

12. Red – Die For You (Release the Panic)

13. Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners (Lightening Bolt)
Newest album from the legendary band doesn’t disappoint

*******BONUS TRACKS*********

WARNING—Listening to these songs at high volume could produce UNHEARD OF RESULTS. Approach with caution.

Alter Bridge – Cry of Achilles (Fortress)
Ok ok, I know I said I wouldn’t put another AB song on here, but trust me, you will give great thanks for this beast

Tremonti – Wish You Well (All I Was)

Red – Release the Panic (Release the Panic)

Tremonti – Decay (All I Was)

Have anything to add? Drop a comment below!

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Winter Update and the #1 most important element for your success!

Hey guys!

We’ve got tons of amazing things happening here at BT Basketball and wanted to make sure everyone had the most updated information on everything that’s going on. I hope your season is going incredibly well and you are getting stronger each and every week! Check out the current, and near future, happenings…

  • We are smack dab in the heart of our Winter Middle School Skill Sessions. These kids are getting extra skill work that’s hard to find throughout the course of practice. To find out more info on the next few sessions, please click HERE.
  • We also have ongoing Little Ballers sessions for 1st-4th graders on Monday evenings. These are designed to cultivate a foundation of proper skill in a fun environment. To get signed up click HERE
  • Spring AAU tryout dates have been announced as well! We are extremely excited to be offering additional teams this year and include exclusive BT Basketball skills training! Click HERE to get registered today!
  • Once again we’ve got the Spring Men’s League starting mid March and running through until Memorial Day Weekend. With the best adult talent in the area hands down, click HERE to see if you can keep up with these guys. If so, get registered!
  • We have added a new page to the site called ALUMNI. This page includes current and former BT Basketballers just over the last few years. Time to get your name on this list!
  • Quick shout out to the members of the first ever BT Basketball Insider Training Program.  This is a group of High Schoolers who each week are diligently working on their strength, injury prevention, skill work and more through weekly workouts and a private Facebook group that includes exclusive videos. Proud of each of their efforts.

I have had the chance to get out to many high school games this year and it has been tremendous. I absolutely LOVE watching players succeed who I know worked their butt off during the off season. The basketball season is a long one. There are ups and there are downs. Physically, emotionally, mentally, it can be very trying at times. The biggest key to long term success over the course of this long season is….


Plain and simple, your attitude from here on out will determine your success. I’m hoping you have a coach that will continually push you hard enough each and every practice where you won’t have a choice but to work hard. So THAT choice may not be yours (which is sometimes a very good thing).

However… you ATTITUDE will ALWAYS be YOUR choice. You attitude on…

-How you view that day’s upcoming practice before it arrives

-How you view your coaches

-How much you allow your coaches to coach YOU

-How positively (or negatively) you approach that day’s challenges

-How you react to a bad game

-How you interact with your teammates

-How you look at situations as learning ones or losing ones

-How you react when the coach favors another player

-How you react with you don’t get as much playing time as you would like

We can go on and on, but hopefully you get the point. You’ve heard the saying before. Sometimes you can’t control what happens to you. But, you can always control how you react to what happens to you. That’s where you find out how badly you want to succeed. That’s when you will find out what you are truly made of. That’s here you will build character that will stay with you for the rest of your long life.

CHOOSING how to react is vastly more important than what actually happens. Basketball, life, one in the same.

Hard work and incredible skill improvement is accomplished mostly during the off season simply because you have so much time to make this happen. However, once the season rolls around, which is now, it is your attitude that will separate you.

You say… well my role is set and my coach won’t change his mind.

I say… opportunity comes at strange times, often when you least expect it. Injuries happen, gameplans change. Small windows of opportunity for the posititive and for the ready turn into transformed roles.

No matter where you are at, stay POSITIVE and keep working HARD. It is often easier to get down than it is to stay up. It takes work and effort, that’s why so many people don’t do it. But you are part of BT Basketball and it’s time to separate yourself!






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BT Basketball Insider Training for High School players is on!

BT Basketball is PUMPED to present to you the “BT Basketball Insider Training Program” exclusively for High School players this Winter. Get ready for 2 months of…

-Two + specialized, private videos per week

-Weekly training session

-Access to the private, invitation only BT Basketball Insider Facebook group

What will all of these videos, training and access be about?

This may sound counterintuitive, but basketball players get markedly weaker as the basketball season progress. The season is long, the Winter is cold, practices become shorter and more strategy oriented, and it takes it’s toll. The BT Basketball Insider Training Program is designed to help you become a stronger player as the season wears on. And not just your shooting stroke, but your overall physical strength, flexibility and health. We are going to be focusing on…

-How to keep up and build your physical strength during the season with basketball specific exercises

-How to improve your overall flexibility to help prevent injuries as you stress your body to the max daily in practice

-How to alleviate tightness in your muscles with proper foam rolling techniques

-How to improve what you eat on a daily basis to provide you with the proper nutrients that will give you the energy needed to perform at your best and stay healthy

-Exercises to help prevent ACL tears and sprained ankles

-How vital a good night’s rest is and how to ensure that you get it

-How water and being properly hydrated fuel your body to optimum levels of performance

-How to become a mentally stronger basketball player and endure the struggles of a season like bad games and/or less playing time than desired

-How to be an assest to your team no matter what the circumstances

-And of course, how to keep your skills sharp

Please check out this quick video….


Spots for this program are limited so take the time to register today. The process has been simpilified as to  expedite the speed for you. Simply email with your name and school and BOOM you are IN! We will instantly add you to the private Facebook group and once everyone is in, plan our first training session for the week of January 1st.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a team of young players that will hold each other accountable on a weekly basis and stretch your limits. Pass this along to your teammates to maximize your success this season!

Investment for this opportunity is a steal at only $139. That’s only $17 per training session and doesn’t even include the added value of the weekly videos and FB page!

Correct, we are talking EIGHT training sessions, two videos per WEEK, and DAILY access to the private Facebook page. Do the math!

See you inside!!!


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38 Things I am THANKFUL for

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am pumped to take a couple of days to see family this holiday, but certainly missing those that I won’t be able to see. As we take a day to count our blessings, here are 38 things that we here at BT Basketball are thankful for each and every day, in no particular order (except the first few…)

I am thankful for…

1. God above

2. Family… Mom, Dad, Kevin, Michael, Lizzie

3. Extended family and bonds that hold us together

4. Health

5. Friends, both near and far

6. This incredible United States of America and all of it’s amazing freedoms

7. The military that protects those freedoms

8. The ability to choose daily

9.  The ability to dream.

10. The opportunity to not only to succeed, but to fail

11. The learning that comes with temporary failure (as long as you look for it)

12. The daily beauties of life, like this…  13. And this… 14. Falling down

15. Getting back up!!!

16. Warm sun on a cool day

17. The best brothers a guy could ask for… 18. That round orange ball that has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion of impacting today’s youth.

19. Everyone part of the BT Basketball family that is along for this incredible journey.

20. Laughter. Genuine, deep, gut busting, ab solidifying laughter21. Chocolate chip cookies. BOOM

22. That voice in your darkest moments that whispers, quietly.. Don’t give up!

23. Listening to that voice

24. Alter Bridge and all great music that motivates and inspires me daily

25. This moment… 26. The first day of Spring after a long Winter

27. Moments like this… 28. Movies that inspire, encourage, reveal and kick a$$! 29. Challenges

30. Doubters

31. Haters

32. Those that encourage and build up instead of tearing down

33. Joy. Pure, deep, joyous, joyful joy! 34. That Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War

35. The excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead

36. Yet still living for today

37. That my parents taught me the value of hard work

38. That you are reading this! If you would be so kind, please forward this to others that you know are thankful and please comment below and tell me what you are thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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